1st test drives with the Niedersachsen 22

On 27.09.2021 the first test drives of the GSM Niedersachsen 22 were conducted. In total, three test runs were made. In all test runs, the test ship navigated from the Waltrop lock to the port in Dortmund and back again.

The test drives were used to test the functionality of the installed sensor systems for the first time after implementation on the project vessel. The trips were made at various times of day, so that different levels of light were recorded in darkness, twilight and daylight. Due to changing weather conditions, recordings could be made during clear skies and rain. Furthermore, object detection was tested by moving an inflatable boat and a drone, as potential environmental objects, around the test vessel.

The latest video “AutoBin Test Drive” shows impressions of the captured test data from the cameras as well as other drone footage.

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On 16 and 17.05.2022 some maneuvers for test purposes with the GSM Niedersachsen 22 were performed on the Haringvliet. In the current video "AutoBin test drive Haringvliet" the driving maneuvers are shown.


The GMS Niedersachsen 22 is a typical dry cargo vessel with 100 m length and 10.5 m width. It is being operated by HGK Shipping GmbH and is mainly in service in the western german canal network between the Rhine and the Elbe. In the current video "AutoBin Niedersachsen 22" you will be taken on board of the test vessel.


The test field of the AutoBin project is the 15 km long section of the Dortmund-Ems Canal from the port of Dortmund to the lock in Waltrop. Impressive views of the test field were recorded with a drone, which can be experienced in the current video "AutoBin test field".