1.3 Behavior of other Road Users

Collision avoidance includes the detection of roadway boundaries that are not always visible (structures in the water, shallow shore areas, etc.) and the detection of other road users and their movement behavior. The behavior of other road users must be continuously observed and continuously predicted. Especially in narrow channels without avoidance possibilities, a corresponding accuracy […]

1.2 AI / Behavior Control

The central functionality of the autonomous inland vessel is achieved by the realization of automated driving behavior functions, which, based on secured and reliable input data and information (sensor technology), performs situation-specific control of the conventional control instruments of the vessel (actuator technology). Algorithms of classical path planning, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), sensor […]

1.1 Simulator

Within this work package, a virtual image of the test field for of the test field for the automated test drives. This includes the part of the Dortmund-Ems Canal from the port in Dortmund to the lock in Waltrop. Waltrop. In addition to the pure representation of the environment, the Unity3D based visualization environment is […]

1. Simulation Environment

The development of the automated control of the inland vessel will initially take place in a simulator. In the first work package, the existing simulator will therefore be extended so that sensor readings can be generated virtually. The artificial intelligence (AI) developed in parallel in a modular fashion for ship control and for implementing the […]