3.3 Integration of Autom. Vessel Guidance in the Simulation Environment

Within this work package, the algorithms of the automated ship guidance will be integrated into the simulation environment. The uniform interfaces between the automation algorithms, the sensors on the test ship and the virtual sensors within the simulation environment are of particular importance. In addition to the same data formats of the sensors within the […]

3.2 Implementation

Implementation of automated ship control Within this work package, the tuned algorithms from work package 3.1 (fine conception and tuning of the algorithms) will be implemented on the ship. For this purpose, a ROS2 infrastructure will be established. ROS2 stands for Robot Operating System 2 and contains a framework for the simple exchange of data […]

3.1 Fine-Tuning and Tuning of the Algorithms

The concept for autonomous ship guidance is being worked out in detail within the work package “Fine-tuning of concept and algorithms”. Furthermore, the transfer variables to the areas of sensor technology and actuator technology are coordinated. The initial route of the barge from a starting point to a destination is determined within the concept by […]